We always put service before products; we would rather earn your trust and deserve your
referrals than ever sell you an inappropriate or unneeded product. We believe in the low key,
relaxed educational approach; clients for life instead of just a quick transaction. We have
outlined below our process and how we work.


Intial Discovery Meeting

During the discovery meeting, we discuss your goals and objectives, and help to identify
financial opportunities that you may have now and in the future. We ask you to fill out a
simple Confidential Questionnaire (click to see a printed copy). A series of questions are
asked to create your personalized financial roadmap called the MoneyEdge. The MoneyEdge
is a simple but comprehensive tool that serves as a blueprint to help you achieve financial
peace. Click here to see an example of what a sample MoneyEdge looks like. 

Preliminary Review 

For many people nearing retirement, a significant fear may be running out of money. Inflation
will not go away and Social Security or pensions usually fall short of supporting all our needs.
This review time allows our specialists to access your complete situation and come back
with possible solutions to help ease these fears. Together with our network of financial
professionals and industry consultants, we analyze your current situation and goals. We
identify various opportunities that you may use to better protect your family and enhance
your asset growth for the future. Again, using MoneyEdge as our guide, we will help you
work out your own customized and personal plan to achieve financial peace. 

Implementation Meeting 

After the Preliminary Review is complete, we
begin working with you to create your
comprehensive financial roadmap. We present
our solutions to you and if you are
comfortable with our recommendation, we
begin to implement the beginning action steps.
There could be several meetings after this,
depending on the complexity of your situation and
time constraints. We will do our best to limit each
meeting to no more than 90 minutes.

Financial Review 

We understand life is constantly in flux and therefore it is important to constantly review your
financial roadmap. We recommend reviewing your MoneyEdge periodically. Depending on
your situation, we can work with you to cater a review plan that makes sense. We can
conduct a review in a face-to-face meeting or a web-conference, depending on your needs
and schedule. We also offer a complimentary monthly email newsletter and quarterly hard
copy newsletter to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the financial world.