Harriman Financial is an independent financial services firm with over 50 years of combined experience in the financial industry. We have chosen to run our investment business through the independent broker-dealer Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

Why is independence important?

In a profession based on objective advice, true independence offers many choices intended to benefit you, the client.  Your choice of an independent financial professional is the first step in getting unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals. 

What is an independent financial professional?

An independent financial professional is not an employee of an investment or financial services firm - they are an independent business owner. They have the freedom to structure their business in a manner that best serves their clients. This is much different than a captive representative who may work for firms that are conglomerates such as commercial banks, investment banks, or insurance companies.

While office and administration expenses may be covered by the firm, the captive representatives may be restricted in the products they offer their clients. The independent professional is responsible for all their own expenses but in turn may not have restrictions like the captive representative and can scour the industry to find the investment or insurance product to best fit your needs.  

What is an independent broker-dealer?

Just as you have the opportunity to choose your financial professional, they in turn choose a broker-dealer to run their investment and advisory business through. Generally, an independent broker-dealer does not underwrite securities, does not have their own proprietary funds, do not create research, and do not engage in investment banking.

An independent broker-dealer allows financial professionals to offer non-proprietary products, such as mutual funds or insurance products through a wide variety of companies. The broker-dealer generally provides services that include processing investment business, marketing assistance, practice management, and education. In addition, a broker-dealer holds responsibility for regulatory compliance and adherence to securities laws designed to protect the investing public.

Why Cambridge Investment Research?

When Dan Harriman decided to go independent for all the reasons above, he conducted an exhausting study of independent broker dealers in which he ran 42 companies through a 22 point filter before deciding on Cambridge. He chose Cambridge because they are committed to the independent producer and believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of the financial professional. They offer a vast menu of compliance-friendly programs, products, and services to enable the financial professional to customize an investment strategy designed to meet a clients' long-term financial needs.

Click on the Cambridge logo above to to find out more about Cambridge's four key values of Integrity, Commitment, Flexibility, and Kindness.


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